Many people rave about an erotic massage again and again. Lying down and letting your body be worked on by expert hands is an idea that hardly anyone can resist. It is even more beautiful when the massage ends with a climax.

Not all massages are the same

There is a large selection of different massages. From the classic, to deep tissue, Lomi-Lomi, hot stone, Thai, Hawaiian, to sports or oil massage, they all promise one thing: relief of discomfort and relaxation. Basically, the effect of massages extends to the treated body part as well as to the entire organism and also has positive effects on our psyche.

Depending on which method is used, massages can promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure and pulse rate, relax the muscles, improve wound healing, but also boost cell metabolism and reduce stress. All in all, therefore, a small miracle weapon that can improve and beautify our everyday life and make us run more easily through life.

The erotic side of massages

Depending on the situation, being massaged can be very erotic and is often practiced in private. Surely you have already massaged your partner before sex and put her and you in the right mood. To be massaged by the desired person and to feel their hands on your body has something very sensual and gets you going quickly. At the same time, it is also a very good feeling for the person who is being massaged to be able to touch the other person so intensely and everywhere and, depending on the oil, to feel the slippery feeling on the skin of the other person.

You get closer and have the opportunity to feel and explore each other. In addition, cramps are relaxed on the one hand, while at the same time lust is driven and one is thus both physically and mentally well prepared for the following sexual act.

During an erotic massage to orgasm come

Of course you can also get an erotic massage from a professional and be sure that you will get your money’s worth. Unlike in the private sector, a paid erotic massage is all about your pleasure. You can give yourself completely to the massage and don’t have to worry about your partner getting his money’s worth.

A professional also has a great deal of experience and knows exactly what she is doing. She knows the different types of erotic massage, from the Tantra massage, the Tao or Nuru massage to the prostate massage. With an erotic masseuse you will not miss anything.

While you have to pull yourself together at home during an erotic massage to be able to deliver during sex afterwards, you can let yourself go completely during a professional erotic massage. So you can not only enjoy the massage itself, but also look forward to the happy end, namely your orgasm.

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