Are you toying with the idea of using the services of a whore, but don’t know exactly what to look for? Is it important to you to make a good impression on your favourite whore, even if it is only about you and your wishes? Here you will find a few hints on how to become the favourite customer of a lady of pleasure.

Good behaviour promotes fun

One thing is and remains clear: A whore is there to fulfill your wildest sexual desires. Her focus is clearly you and your needs and her job is to satisfy you sexually and to concentrate fully on you.

And yet, as so often in life: When all participants have fun, the overall experience is even better. When visiting a prostitute, this means that you as a customer can also contribute to making the sexual encounter an absolute joyful one and to making sure that you will be remembered by the whore of your choice. After all, especially if you use her services from time to time, it is a kind of business relationship and she will certainly benefit from it if she is good.

But what is it now that helps you to make this relationship positive and get the best out of it?

Tips & Tricks for you as a customer

The right setting for you

There are different ways how or where you can visit a whore. Some are self-employed and offer their services at their own premises. Others work in brothels, although there are also different versions here. There is the luxury brothel, where the ambience is beautiful and many different rooms are offered and there is also a bar where the ladies are waiting for you. But here you will have to pay a little bit more for all this. In so-called run houses, on the other hand, you as a customer walk past the rooms of various whores and can choose the one that suits you and negotiate directly with her what you want and how much it will cost. Find out for yourself which variant suits you best and where you feel most comfortable. This way you will be more relaxed and therefore the more pleasant guest.

Don’t drink yourself to death

It may be that visiting a whore makes you a little nervous, at least at the beginning. But do yourself a favor and don’t drink yourself to death. Drunk guests are certainly not among the favourite guests of prostitutes and can be very difficult to serve. In addition, you yourself also have much more to gain from visiting a whore if you are in your right mind. This way you can better articulate what you want and what you like and you can enjoy the service much better and more intensively. A win-win situation, then.

Don’t be a Neanderthal

Even if visiting a whore is all about you, don’t get all Neanderthal on me. Even prostitutes have their limits, which you should respect as a customer. Stick to the rules and do not ignore the possible taboos of the whore. Even hookers don’t like to be grabbed just like that if the game hasn’t started yet. You can be sure that if you are respectful and charming, you will certainly come across as positive and enjoy the greater pleasure. Not to mention the fact that in the case of improper behaviour, the security can also throw you out very quickly.

Freshly showered it fucks itself better

Actually, it should go without saying that as a customer you should show up freshly showered for a date with a whore. Hygiene is very important and even prostitutes appreciate a fresh, delicious scent from their counterpart. If you don’t have time to take a shower beforehand, in most cases you can do so on site. The additional plus point: a warm shower relaxes your body and you get into the perfect mood.

You can’t go without a condom

To mention this seems almost obsolete, but we do it anyway: Without condom nothing works. And that’s a good thing. Because as a customer you certainly do not want to risk your health nor does the whore want a child from all her customers. As a customer be so considerate and don’t put your hooker in the situation of having to explain this to you separately.

Pay first

Before you get in gear with your whore, you pay. Stick to this universal rule and try not to nibble on the cake in advance. It is part of the respectful treatment that you pay the services of the hooker in advance and thus respect her as a service provider. By the way, remember to bring enough cash with you, especially if you don’t want your visit to appear in black and white on your credit card statement.

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