For many it is not quite clear what the difference is between a prostitute and an escort lady. Where is the limit and what does one do that the other does not? In this article we will show you if and which differences exist and what an accompanying escort can offer you.

The small but significant difference

The word accompanying itself comes from the English and means “companionship” and that is exactly what the escort service is all about. It is a so-called escort service, also called escort agency. Thus an accompanied lady is a companion that you can book for your needs. This could be a visit to a restaurant, the theatre or a business event, because escorts are specialized in adapting to social occasions and they can integrate themselves at any time and as needed.

Escorts are usually young, good-looking ladies who are well versed in many areas and can therefore take part in conversations at any time and do not stand out as accompanying girls.

That is why escorts are also very popular with businessmen who often travel to foreign cities and have to attend business meals and the like. Instead of attending such social events alone, they can hire an appropriate lady through an escort agency and thus always be in good company.

Unlike many prostitutes, accompanying ladies are self-employed or work as so-called freelancers for an escort agency. The agency takes over the scheduling and the accounting between you as a client and the accompanying lady and thus acts as a mediator. The escort girls can decide for themselves whether they want to accept an assignment or not and set their own price for the service. The good thing for you as a client is that the billing is done discreetly through the agent and you do not need to discuss it directly with the escort.

The services of an escort

As already mentioned, escorts differ from prostitutes in particular in that they do not offer exclusively sexual services. Their repertoire is somewhat broader and is often made up of women who have a broad general knowledge and are well acquainted with the different customs of social occasions. They appear appropriately well-groomed and are not generally recognised as professionals.

No matter whether you want to have company at the cinema or to go to a business dinner or a party, an escort lady will fit perfectly into every situation.

You now ask yourself the question whether you can have sex with an accompanying lady? That depends on your agreement with her and her benefits package.There is also the possibility to book an accompanying person for a house or hotel visit and to spend some enjoyable hours together.  As far as it is part of her service catalogue, the escort lady will take care of your wishes and needs as professionally as a whore would. No matter what you pay for or what you have booked, the focus is entirely on you and your satisfaction.

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