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How you become a whore’s favorite customer

Are you toying with the idea of using the services of a whore, but don’t know exactly what to look for? Is it important to you to make a good impression on your favourite whore, even if it is only

What an escort can offer you

For many it is not quite clear what the difference is between a prostitute and an escort lady. Where is the limit and what does one do that the other does not? In this article we will show you if

Erotic massage of a slightly different kind

Many people rave about an erotic massage again and again. Lying down and letting your body be worked on by expert hands is an idea that hardly anyone can resist. It is even more beautiful when the massage ends with

Where do you want to fuck?

The word “fuck” is generally considered the vulgar variation of “having sex”. And yet, if we want to get to the point, if we’re in the mood, then we want to fuck. So where do we go with the desire

Sex belongs to a fulfilled life – whether paid or not

A fulfilling sex life belongs to a fulfilling life. Whether in a relationship or single sex has positive effects on us, our body and our mental state. But especially for singles it can be difficult to have sex as often

Let a hooker spoil you [in every way imaginable]

Our everyday life is stressful and although we are highly networked thanks to digitalisation, it is difficult to find the right partner. Often the mutual communication is not right, misunderstandings get in the way or ideas diverge. You won’t have

What men find sexy about women

The belief still prevails that men are only interested in thick breasts and a firm bottom. A good character or an attractive appearance? Wrong! Researchers have found that there are other things that men value and find sexy. The nice

Sex tips for which he will love her

Are both partners satisfied with the sex? Or is the sex rather boring and monotonous? Would you like a little more pep in bed? You can often improve your sex life with just a few small things. With our 10

Fetish clothing: A special love game, not only for paid sex

It is often thought that lacquer, leather & latex is an erotic fetish clothing only for prostitutes or paid sex. Most people associate fetish with disreputable fantasies. Fetish (in the sexual sense) means to feel a special arousal by an

Aphrodisiacs – let yourself be charmed

So-called aphrodisiacs are said to stimulate lust and strengthen the libido. Who thinks only of Viagra is wrong. Because long before artificial substances were discovered as aphrodisiacs, people had already been using various natural substances to increase their sense of

10 things about tits that will interest you but you certainly didn’t know yet

Tits – There are boobs in all imaginable forms – sometimes soft, sometimes firm, sometimes big, sometimes small. Of course we know our own tits very well. But what about others? Did you know, for example, that the average breast

How to become a favourite customer

Are you toying with the idea of using the services of Looking4Fun and don’t know exactly what to look for? Is it important to you to make a good impression on your favourite woman, even if it is only about

Mysterious sexual abbreviations & terms from A to Z

When you browse through sex ads, you always come across mysterious shortcuts for sex practices that you don’t understand or have never heard of before. When you browse through the ads on the Internet or on this site, you will

Whores in Magaluf, Palma’s longest party mile

In Magaluf, the longest party mile on Mallorca, tourists are prescribed stricter rules of behaviour every year. Only with the criminal whores the police usually turn a blind eye. Holidaymakers report that the police officers of the Local Police always

The male orgasm during sex – not as easy as women think

Men can and will always. Men think about sex all the time. Women want love, men want sex on Mallorca. Men and women simply do not fit together. If we have heard everything before, we know everything. However, it is